The CARB (California Air Resources Board) has denied the diesel fix offered by VW.

The state assured that the fix offered by the German producer was not fast or adequate enough. Besides, it would go on with the investigation in order to find a reasonable fix. California regulators did not assess any immediate penalties. Though, a new notice was issued. It admits that the automaker has violated California air quality regulations.

The CEO at VW is going to meet with the director of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tomorrow. The bosses will discuss the diesel emissions scandal. Now the issue has impact on 600,000 cars in America and almost 11 million vehicles around the globe.

Earlier reports insist that the company is pointing to German privacy laws as an excuse to not hand over e-mail letters or other types of communication among its executives to American officials. The American Justice Department has stated that the company has “obstructed” and “impeded” regulators while giving them “misleading” details during the investigation.

As far as we know, one of the offers was to change the catalytic converters on the cars that are affected. Though, this solution would apply only to near 400,000 units. Once more, there are 600,000 affected cars. The 200,000 would be bought back by the producer.