sæsonkort til legoland The latest Phaeton became one of the models that suffered from the Dieselgate scandal. We remind you that it has been officially postponed and the automaker did not specify until when.

sædeovertræk til fiat panda We assume it might be out at the end of the decade, but only if the manufacturer still has money to make an investment in the range-topping offering after having dealt with all the costs related to the recalls and fines. sally burbank swart Now the automaker is focusing on the MEB (modular electric toolkit). It serves as foundation for further hybrid and electric cars. Actually, the next Phaeton will be marketed as a completely electric offering when it will be out. Though, the automaker might add some combustion engine in order to make the full-size sedan even more attractive.

falcon cargo tracking click The rendering might mean a bigger Passat with a sloped roofline. Thankfully to it, the model receives a four-door coupe silhouette. After the front bumper treatment the image shows the fully-electric Phaeton. The company’s board management assures that the model will boast “long-distance capability”.

tahm kench pro build Besides, the old model is still on the market. It came out 14 years ago. The slowest-selling vehicle will be axed this March when the company will close its plant in Dresden for retooling. schein was betrübst du dich prince guerrier berserker see